Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Make-up For Glasses

Glasses have become really fashionable these days and now many girls wear glasses even if they don't need them. But you cant deny the fact that its not so easy to find the right style of make-up to wear with them. Yon may spend a good 20 -30 minutes on your makeup but you put your glasses on, all you efforts are gone.
Maybe you need a few special tricks when you wear glasses and you may find them below :)

1) Eyebrows : If you usually don't contour your eyebrows, this is one of the main reason why make-up does not look good. When you wear glasses, your frames hide thin eyebrows, so you have to highlight them. This can be done using an eyebrow pencil or even an eye shadow which matches your eyebrow colour.

2) Use a highlighter for your browbone :  This will make your eyebrows look more defined and will brighten your whole face. Also this will not give you a tired look.

3) Apply white on your waterline : White eyeliners make you eyes look bigger and make your eye make-up stand out even more.

4) Mascara : This will contour your eyes and will add a 'glamour' effect to your look.

5) Lipstick : Always make sure your lipstick matches your frame. If you have a purple frame, blue eyeliner and red lipstick you will look a little strange. A nude colour lipstick would go with everything.

6)  Bronzers : It does not matter what skin tone you have; it will always contour your face and will give you the 'sun kissed' look everyone loves.

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